The World’s Most Expensive Meal Comes With A Ring And Fireworks Display

Ce LA VI Restaurant Singapore

Courtesy of Cê LA VI Restaurant

Do you make an exorbitant amount of money? Do you need to make a grand romantic[1] gesture? Have we found the place for you!

CÉ LA VI Singapore[2], a restaurant inside the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, announced its plans to serve the most expensive meal in the world earlier this week, and the eight-hour experience for two is a doozy.

First up: A 45-minute helicopter ride above Singapore, followed by a chauffeured drive in a Rolls-Royce, followed by a private cruise[3]. So much transportation! You’ll somehow arrive at the restaurant, which will be decked in 10,000 red roses, just for you. (Did this place take inspiration from Kanye West[4], or what?)

Since just reading about traversing land, air, and sea has probably made you very hungry, here’s what the 18-course meal consists of, according to the restaurant’s press release: Fresh belon oyster with Champagne foam, Almas caviar, jamón Ibérico, Gewürztraminer-poached foie gras, veal liver, lamb sweetbread, bresse poulet consommé, striped seabass, air-flown Alaska wild salmon, verjus sorbet, slow-cooked pigeon, Glenvale pork loin, apple-wood grilled Mishima sirloin and, of course, 44- and 55-year-old vintage wines will be served during the entire thing. Vegetarians need not apply!

Courtesy of Cê La Vie Restaurant

The meal – which is served both indoors and al fresco[5], on the restaurant’s rooftop – comes with custom-made furniture, which will be designed based on your home and personality, and later delivered to your home.

Have we forgot to mention that live music accompanies your meal? Have we mentioned that you will receive diamond-studded chopsticks engraved with your names, with which you may consume your meal?

And, as you already know from clicking on this article, you will be presented with a “beyond rare” 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ring at the end of the meal that actress Jayne Seymour once wore to the restaurant. Of course, an extravagant fireworks display starts going off at this moment, because of course.

All in all, the experience clocks in at $2 million. A mere drop in the bucket for true love, right? The other most expensive meal in the world costs a measly $1,850 a person[6]. And they’ll let in anyone. Gasp! It’s practically a bargain restaurant!

You need to be pre-approved by both the restaurant and World of Diamonds Group[7], the Russian diamond company which, presumably, is supplying the ring, to get in on this exclusive experience.

If you excuse us, we need a minute to process what we’re doing with our lives.

h/t: Mashable[8]

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