The Best Heat Presses of 2020 [The Definitive Guide]

Check out the highlights of the different heatpress transfer machine below. And, maybe you will find the perfect one for you.

Best T-Shirt Heat Press on a Budget: GEO KNIGHT 9″ X 12″ JETPRESS SWINGER JP12 HEAT PRESS


Do you have a limited budget[23]? Or, perhaps you just want an inexpensive machine to start with? Geo Knight’s JP12[24] may be the solution for you. It is relatively small and inexpensive.

Geo Knight 9" x 12" JetPress Swinger JP12 Heat Press Transfer Machine

Main Highlights

9 x 12” plates

First, these are relatively small plates. You may be able to transfer 8 x 10 printer paper-sized images at the most.

However, this may be more than enough space for beginner printing jobs. Especially for most t-shirt needs.

Adjustable height up to 1” thick

Next, most of your printing jobs lay flat and thin. But, in case you want to print something thicker, the height is adjustable. That makes this little press a little more versatile than your typical budget heat transfer press.

Temperature gauge and adjustable temperature control

Temperature is everything when you transfer prints to fabric. But, this temperature is reliable and accurate.

And, both the countdown timer and temperature controls are digital. So, the controls are user-friendly, even for a newbie.

Minimal effort for clamping and locking pressure

Another component for great prints is pressure. Typically, if you use a hand iron you have to exert the pressure yourself.

However, this t shirt press can give hundreds of pounds of pressure and clamping force. And, it only takes a fraction of the time and effort from you.


Think you can’t get a swing-away without spending a lot of money? This budget press gives you the added workspace of moving the upper platen to the side. Without the added price tag.

Although you may need to make some extra space to accommodate the swing. But, this extra feature is worth it.

Lightweight and portable

Additionally, this t shirt heat press is relatively lightweight and portable. It’s perfect for hobbyists. As well as small businesses and home usage.

But, this little heat transfer press can’t handle a huge workload. So, as long as you only plan on light usage, this may be a great solution for you.

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