The Best Heat Presses of 2020 [The Definitive Guide]

So, rather than trying to match the correct temperature transfer to the right fabric. Simply opt for low-temperature transfers instead. This way, you stay on the safe side.

  1. Beware of nylon transfers

Not all transfers mesh with all fabrics; nylon in particular. Nylon requires a special adhesive. So, be careful about which transfer paper you use on it.

And, that rule works well in general as well. Make sure your transfer matches the fabric or you may end up with an expensive mess.

  1. Use alignment accessories, if possible

Even pros need help from time to time. So, if you can, get a hold of some accessories that will help with proper alignment. You can try to purchase a laser alignment system.

However, if that’s not possible then get to know placement standards for different parts of the garment. It helps if you are familiar with them across all applications. This includes sleeves, full back, front center, or left chest.

And, when in doubt, verify with the customer again about their preferred placement.

  1. All pressure is not created equal

Do you know if you are using enough pressure? If you don’t have a read-out for your machine’s pressure, you may not.

However, you may have issues with the application if you don’t apply the correct pressure. It may even fall off when your client washes it.

Fortunately, most machines nowadays are equipped with pressure gauges. So, your operator simply has to make sure that the pressure matches the type of fabric being pressed.

Final Thoughts

Buying a heating press is a big decision. Even if you are a veteran heat press machine user. But, for the average home user, it may be overwhelming.

However, as long as you keep your priorities in the forefront of your mind. You can decide confidently, knowing that you are buying a heat transfer machine that will fit your needs.

Lastly, you don’t need to break the bank to buy a heatpress transfer machine. Especially, if you only need it for light work. You can start off small and add to it with attachments, if needed.

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