The Best Heat Presses of 2020 [The Definitive Guide]

You may also use a Teflon cover. Especially if your upper platen doesn’t have a Teflon coating already. These covers may protect your platen. Easily clean up ink buildup. And, replacements are not expensive if needed.

However, if you do plan on using a cover, remember that some of your machine heat may be absorbed between the platen and the cover. So, you may need to increase your press temperature.

Lower Platen Rubber Pad

The rubber, or silicone, pad is what gives your machine even pressure. So, you want to make sure you take care of it.

The edges can wear out over time just from the act of putting on and taking off garments. It may also get punctured by zippers, buttons, and other objects.

One way to protect the pad is to invest in a Teflon cover. Like the upper platen, you may also purchase covers for the lower platen, too. Using a cover can prolong your pad’s life.

It may also ensure that your pressure remains even, despite wearing around the pad’s edges.

Grease Your Pivot Points

Greasing your pivot points regularly can help prevent needless stress to your machine. Do this at least once a month, or more often.

If you don’t grease your machine regularly, you may have problems with your machine. This may include friction and wear as the links dry out. You may also experience some difficulty moving it.

However, if you do lubricate your press regularly, remember to also wipe down your machine. The grease may accumulate on the outside of the machine. And, that may damage your garments.

Other Tips

Sometimes despite your best efforts, you may make transfer mistakes. Check out these tips to ensure a perfect press every time:

  1. Preheat your garment

Running short on time? Overwhelmed by your workload? Despite how short you are on time you should not skip this step.

Preheating your garment removes moisture and wrinkles. Your transfer may not adhere properly if your garment still has wrinkles or moisture.

  1. Don’t burn your garment

Is this a no-brainer? Scorches may happen if your temperature is not set properly for your fabric. Some fabrics are very sensitive to high heats.

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