The Best Heat Presses of 2020 [The Definitive Guide]

You can buy both separately. So, you have room to grow with your machine.


Buying a heat press stand [35]may improve portability for your machine. Many have rolling casters so you can move your machine from one place to another. For example, Geo Knight [36]has a universal stand[37] that is compatible with its DK16 and DK20 models.

Geo Knight Universal Stand for DK16 & DK20 Heat Press Machines DKA-Stand

Some machines come with a stand. But, if yours didn’t, you can always buy one.

Aside from portability, some stands are also adjustable. This helps position the heat transfer press at just the right height. So, your operator doesn’t need to hunch over the machine anymore.

Take a look at Ikonix’s[38] KX-03 stand for clamshell heatpress transfer machine models. This is one example of an adjustable stand. And, it can handle heat press machines up to 16 x 24-inches[39].


In addition, you may purchase other accessories[40] for your heat transfer press. There are attachments to expand your printing repertoire, including attachments for caps, mugs, plates, and cubes.

Geo Knight DC16 Plate Attachment

You may also purchase upgrades for your clamshell to make it act like a semi-automatic machine. This is only available for select models. But, it’s nice to have in case you want to upgrade without buying a completely new machine.

Also, you can buy a twin shuttle attachment for your existing twin station machine. This allows you to prep your next piece while the other is being pressed.

Furthermore, you may also purchase wraps to protect either the top or bottom platen from damage. And, these are a good investment to protect your expensive machine.

Getting the Most Out of Your Heat Press

Maybe you already have a heat transfer press. Or, you are a new owner. And, you still have some questions about owning a heatpress transfer machine.

Here are some information and tips that you may find invaluable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Difference Between Heat Transfer and Sublimation?

Heat printing and sublimation are similar but different methods of printing[41]. Both involve printing out the design on your special paper first. And, both also involve heat pressing the design into your work piece.

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