The Best Heat Presses of 2020 [The Definitive Guide]

And, it still has the feature you need to start transferring on a budget.

Geo Knight JetPress Swinger JP14 Heat Press Transfer Machine

Main Highlights

12 x 14-inch platen

First, unlike the other JetPress model featured in this article, this one has larger platens. So, it can accommodate bigger prints. While still staying within a strict budget.


Also, the upper platen swings away. This feature gives you a safe workspace. Without risking accidental burns to the tops of your hands.

It also lends additional thickness capabilities. You can adjust it for items over 1-inch thick.

Digital timer

Additionally, the JP14 model has a digital timer with an alarm. This feature makes the machine more user-friendly. And, is great for beginners.

Heating indicator light

Also, you will know exactly when your heatpress machine is ready for transfers. All you have to do is wait for the indicator to light up. So, you know that your machine will be at the optimum heat when you start your transfers.

Best Heat Press for T-Shirts: RICOMA IKONIX FLAT 16″ X 24″ CLAMSHELL HP-6040H HEAT PRESS 


What if the only thing you print is t-shirts[31]? If your entire business revolves around t-shirt printing, you need a reliable workhorse. The Ricoma Ikonix HP-6040H[32] may be the one for you.

Ricoma iKonix Flat Clamshell HP-6040H Heat Press Transfer Machine

Main Highlights

Use on flat materials

The clamshell design allows you to transfer to relatively flat, thin surfaces with ease. This includes t-shirts and sweatshirts. It may also include bags, mouse pads, license plates, and magnetic material.

However, you can only press things up to an inch thick. But, that’s enough clearance if you will only be printing t-shirts.

Temperature features

Next, the unit also has a thermometer, adjustable thermostat, and indicator light. The thermometer lets you know the platen temperature. And, the indicator eliminates guessing if your press is ready for the transfer.

Electronic time and temperature control

Finally, the electronic control makes this machine very user-friendly. You can check your timer on the electronic control. And, the same controls also ensure constant temperature. The accuracy for the temperature gauge is within around 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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