The Best Heat Presses of 2020 [The Definitive Guide]

Numerous warranties

Lastly, this machine is an investment. But, it also comes with many warranties. So, you can purchase this press worry-free.

The heat platen has a lifetime warranty[28]. While the digital control panel is covered for 3 years. Also, the entire press has an umbrella warranty of 1 year of coverage.

Best Heat Press for Home Use: HIX 9” x 12” SWINGMAN HL912 HEAT PRESS


Are your DIY projects piling up? Is it time to tackle your crafting to-do list? You need the best heat press for home use.

But, you don’t need a commercial-grade press. You just need one that delivers high-grade prints. But, is still small and economical to keep inside the house.

Check out the HIX HL912[29] model. You may find that it does everything you need to start on those projects.

HIX SwingMan HL912 Hobby Lite Heat Press Transfer Machine

Main Highlights


Need a safe way to arrange your print piece? The swing-away feature gives you a safe workspace. So, work with confidence knowing accidental burns won’t happen so easily.

Also, the swing-away feature allows for printing on material up to 1.75 inches thick. You can let your imagination go wild, without being tied to only t-shirt prints.

Full range temp control

Next, if you can work your oven temperature dial, you can set the temp on this heat transfer press. It also has full temperature range, up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. And, it can handle any project you throw at it.


Additionally, this is a very light heatpress transfer machine. Weighing in at only 19 pounds, you can transfer it from work table to storage closet with ease.

This lightweight and portability are ideal for those of you who have mobile retail setups. It takes up minimal space. And, you can easily bring it to a craft fair or flea market for your light printing needs.

Light indicator for heating

Finally, you don’t have to guess if the press is hot enough. Just set your temperature dial and wait for the light. It will let you know when the is ready for your transfer projects.

Best Heat Press Machine for Beginners: GEO KNIGHT 12” x 14” JETPRESS JP14 HEAT PRESS


If you are new to the heating press world, you need a simple machine. Geo Knight makes a great small heatpress machine for beginners. The JP14 model[30] is user-friendly, simple, and economical.

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