25 Powerful PR Tools To Try: The Complete List (Updated)

Type Of Tool: PR Campaign Tool

Pricing: Not available

16. Grammarly

Another way to leave a lasting impression on a journalist is by crafting flawless emails. If your emails are written beautifully, you can rest assured that they’ll be taken seriously.

Luckily, Grammarly[52] makes sure that everything you type is clear, effective, and free of mistakes. It can analyze your content on a variety of different criteria such as sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, engagement and more. 

With Grammarly’s plagiarism checker, you can verify if your content is original or not. The tool looks through search engines for millions of websites and academic databases that have matching words and phrases.

It then gives you a plagiarism percentage and a breakdown of where the material has been copied. This is a good way to instantly verify if the work you receive is 100% unique or not.

Type Of Tool: Writing Tools

Pricing: Paid plans start at $29.95/month

17. Crystal

How do you persuade an influential journalist or personality?

By speaking their language (metaphorically speaking).

But how do you know what kind of style a journalist wants?

Just use Crystal[53].

Crystal analyzes your target influencers’ communication style from their social media posts or sample texts. You can use this information to craft personalized emails and pitches for these targets. By redoing them in a style that the journalist prefers, you’re increasing the chances of them liking your pitch.

Crystal also offers you the unique feature of ‘relationship reports.’ These reports explain the possible dynamics between two people based on their unique personalities, even if they have never interacted before. 

You can use this data to improve and prepare for your interactions with PR professionals and target influencers. Your interactions are bound to go well since Crystal has already walked you through them!

Type Of Tool: PR Analytics Tool

Pricing: Starts at $19/month

18. GlobeNewswire

Tons of companies are now flocking towards new distribution channels such as social media and blogs. It’s up to you to update your press releases[54] to reach all these platforms. However, manually doing this can be difficult.

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