25 Powerful PR Tools To Try: The Complete List (Updated)

Pricing: Paid plans start at $99/month

9. Critical Mention

Is your brand getting the recognition it deserves?

You can keep tabs on your brand mentions in real-time with Critical Mention[44]. Used by brands like VH1, CBS, and McDonalds, it’s one of the leading forces in earned media tracking. The app scours through countless TV channels, radio broadcasts, social media accounts to find mentions of your brand and assess your media coverage. 

For example, if your brand was mentioned on a radio show, you’ll automatically be informed of where and when it was mentioned. You won’t have to monitor anything manually – the tool does it for you!

You can gain essential media insights by quickly identifying audience sentiment and trends with its in-depth visual reports. Luckily, these reports are easily shareable – making it simple to include clients and team members. As these are also mobile-friendly, you can share them on the go.

Type Of Tool: PR Tracking Tool

Pricing: Starts at $29/month

10. Mention

Mention[45] is one of the most user-friendly tools on this list.

You can use real-time tracking to monitor your brand, PR campaign, target keywords, etc on the web and social media with Mention. With Mention, you won’t have to do anything manually – just log into the app to find out what’s been going on!

As an added bonus, public relations[46] practitioners can also respond to social media mentions directly from the app.

With Mention’s Competitor Analysis, you’ll be able to compare your PR efforts with what your competitors are doing. You can compare key metrics, analyze which competitor has the most share of voice, who’s performing well in a region and so on. 

Keeping tabs on your competitors will inform you of what’s working in your industry and what’s not. You can use this data to shape your PR campaigns for more success.

Type Of Tool: PR Tracking Tool

Pricing: Paid plans start at $25/month

11. Brandseye

Your brand might be trending, but do people really like it?

Brandseye[47] allows you to analyze the public sentiment regarding your brand. The tool gives organizations with an in-depth understanding of what’s causing positive and negative sentiment around them. 

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