25 Powerful PR Tools To Try: The Complete List (Updated)

Luckily, Buzzstream[61] lets you know precisely how well your outreach strategy is faring.

How does it work?

You can use Buzzstream’s outreach reports to identify which team members are outperforming and see the PR gaps that need work.

You can even manage your influencer relationships to identify what stage they’re in, to help yourself prepare for conversion at the right moment.

You can even build your network through Buzzstream by reaching out and connecting with tons of prominent influencers in your niche. You can create targeted templates and personalized emails with their email tool to send powerful pitches to prospects. The tool will also help you nail this process with their tips on ideal subject lines and email structures. 

Type Of Tool: PR Analytics Tool

Pricing: Starts at $29/month

24. Upbeat PR

If you don’t have enough resources for your PR strategy – you can always outsource it.

Partner up with Upbeat[62] to develop a media strategy, launch outreach campaigns, build journalist relationships, get media coverage and more. You’ll get all the expertise you need to craft a successful PR strategy that’ll get you the coverage you deserve.

You get to work with dedicated virtual public relations professionals who are experts at what they do. Upbeat PR will also give you tons of PR tools to help you manage your campaign.

You can even create ‘Press Pages’ on your website for any visiting journalists. The tool can automatically update these pages with your latest coverage to give the journalist an idea of what’s going on. With Upbeat’s extensive journalist network, you’ll have no trouble getting the exposure you want with your press pages.

Type Of Tool: PR Campaign Tool

Pricing: Starts at $2000/month

25. PRGloo

Sometimes you can’t decide which PR tool to use.

Do you need an analytics tool? What about a journalist outreach tool?

Instead of selecting one, why not use all of them in one package?

PRGloo[63] is a complete media relations platform that combines tons of powerful, user-friendly tools. You can build influencer lists, manage contacts and engage with journalists – all in one unified platform.

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