25 Powerful PR Tools To Try: The Complete List (Updated)

Luckily, GlobeNewswire[55] is a PR tool that distributes your press release through online newsrooms to give you a huge reach. You can customize which outlets and audiences you want to target. This allows you to only reach out to publications and platforms that align with your aspirations.

If that wasn’t enough, GlobeNewswire allows you to curate custom press release feed for your website with direct-from-source news and content issued on behalf of global companies across all industries.

Type Of Tool: Journalist Outreach Tools

Pricing: Starts at $460/release

19. PR.co

Your PR strategy isn’t solely dependent on your press releases.

You’ll also have to spend time on brand storytelling to truly get your message across. While you can publish visual press releases with PR.co[56], that isn’t all you can do.

PR.co allows you to create a structured digital newsroom (or landing page) for all your company press releases. This allows readers to tie together different press releases and understand what your brand stands for. 

You can even use the Embargo feature to give certain journalists access to press[57] releases before they go public. This can help keep them updated on everything to ensure that they’re always one step ahead. 

PR.co also supports delegating press releases to local teams to translate announcements to fit their local markets. You can choose to give them full or partial upload access to maintain your security while capitalizing on international markets. 

Type Of Tool: Journalist Outreach Tools

Pricing: Starts at $699/month

20. TrendKite

When it comes to PR Analytics, TrendKite has quite a lot to offer.

You’ll have everything you need to keep up with your PR campaigns with customizable dashboards on competitor analysis, monthly measurements and product insights. 

Instead of spending hours generating PR reports and analyzing your reach, simply click a button and TrendKite has everything ready for you!

TrendKite’s most interesting feature is ‘Attribution.’ It helps you understand your PR’s impact on your website traffic. 

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