25 Powerful PR Tools To Try: The Complete List (Updated)

Looking for the best PR tools?

Look no further.

We spent the last six months testing hundreds of tools to bring you the top 25 PR tools. These will help you pitch relevant journalists, effortlessly and successfully. Whether you want an alternative to Help a Reporter[1] or just need to get your PR game going this list will help you get your PR game on.

Before moving to the tools, take a look at some public relation activities where you can use these PR tools:

Public Relations Activities That Need PR Tools

Curious about the different public relation activities where you could use PR tools?

Here are the top 7 channels to use them in:

1. Social Media

Social media is the perfect channel to use PR tools to directly interact with journalists as well as determine what they are interested in.

2. Media relations

Media relations or public relations is all about using PR tools and relations with journalists to manage how your company is covered in the media.

3. Advertorials

Advertorials allow you to advertise your brand through news stories or reviews in print media. Use PR tools to gain leverage here as this sort of coverage is looked at with more credibility than a regular advertisement.

4. Business Events

Business events are a great opportunity to personally interact with journalists and build a relationship with them. If you exhibit, it’s a great platform to get them to notice your brand.

5. Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are also a good way to build credibility with journalists and interest them in stories or expert quotes[2].

6. Community Relations

Community relations involves contributing to the community – in terms of monetary contributions or offering a helping hand during drives. Use PR tools alongside them to get a mention with journalists who are covering such events.

7. Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is the process of getting your employees to actively advocate your brand on social media. It’s a great way to share press coverage on social media.

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